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Did you know? 54,000 women a year lose their job simply for getting pregnant. In addition to that, 390,000 working mums experience negative and potentially discriminatory treatment at work each year. These numbers have almost doubled in a decade

Pregnancy & Maternity discrimination is a type of employment discrimination that occurs when expectant women are fired, not hired, or otherwise discriminated against due to their pregnancy or intention to become pregnant. This type of discrimination is cruel, disreputable amongst employers’ and goes against the Equality Act 2010. 

Let’s work together to stop the ‘Motherhood Penalty!’

Our Mission

Our mission at Pregnant Pickle is to educate, encourage and empower new and expectant parents to have a voice and feel confident in tackling workplace pregnancy and or maternity discrimination when it happens.

We are here to support pregnant and new parents to access free legal advice, as well as supporting them to challenge discrimination and to take legal action against an employer when it is deemed necessary.

We are also here to support and provide training to employers to help them make the workplace the best it can be for working parents.

Our Services

Check out the tabs below to find out how Pregnant Pickle can support you as a new and expectant parent in the workplace and what we can do for employers to ensure that their internal management of processes and procedures in relation to maternity and paternity leave is not leaving you exposed to a claim for pregnancy and or maternity / sex discrimination.


Pregnant Pickle

People, Prejudice & Pregnancy

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